• Looking Through the Eyes of a Craftsman

    My dad was a carpenter.  A cabinet maker to be more precise.  Trained in a small shop on an island

  • Client Profitability vs. Labor Utilization: Have You Engineered a Healthy Tension?

    Tensions exist in all businesses.  There’s the vying for budget dollars during the planning cycle, and the friction between salespeople

  • Turbocharge Your First 8 Weeks

    You’ve just parachuted into a new company as an expected savior to a problem situation.  What do you do first?

  • Meeting Obstruction? . . . Then Shine a Bright Light

    Over my career I’ve been closely involved with several business transformation and change management initiatives.  These have been both on

  • So What’s the Problem with $%&^*!# Timesheets?

    Yup.  I’ve gone and said it.  Right there in the title.  And anyone involved in the Professional Services Industry knows

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